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Coming home early from holiday!

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notonmynelly Sat 19-Aug-17 13:05:23

I definitely need to get organised and get myself together at home.

I just feel like I'm abandoning the kids which is ridiculous, he's their father for Christ sake and they are fine and will be back in a few days. Better than a holiday with a horrible atmosphere. He always messes with my head with his passive aggression. X

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paddlenorapaddle Sat 19-Aug-17 12:24:50

How awful come home it's just his style will be cramped now he has to pick up the childcare baton

Come home get yourself organised and enjoy some time to yourself to recharge, do some paperwork and have some time to do a bit of self care go get your hair cut in a different style buy some work clothes and read a good book in the bath with copious amounts of wine or Gin. For that matter go have a meal out with your friends and enjoy every minute x

notonmynelly Sat 19-Aug-17 12:19:47

Hi everyone,

I posted earlier about me, the kids and my STBXH going on holiday together how 2.5 weeks and how I thought it would be a disaster and I should go maybe just for half etc.

Well we all came in the end, we haven't rowed or anything but after two weeks I have decided to fly home. Spending time around him was difficult and and it's getting tenser by the day. Doesn't help that he talks to me like rubbish. I don't want it to affect the kids holiday. So I do think this is the right decision. I have explained to the kids that I'm flying back as I have been offered a job (which is true and need to go into the office with some paperwork before I can't start) and they seem totally not bothered, we came with our close friends so they have their little pals here to play with.

Problem is now my ex is saying who knows what trauma I will have caused the kids by leaving early??? What??? Surely by staying and is bickering will traumatise them more??? If the children asked me to stay of course I would but they have been here two weeks now and are having a whale of a time and really don't care if they don't see mummy for a week.

Arghh confused!!!

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