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supafish Thu 17-Aug-17 22:03:47

Today has been awful 😢
Family funeral , dh comes down in jeans and t shirt, I complain , he kicks off and I end up going alone.
I've been out with my dd tonight and realised I'm being treated badly again. He clearly doesn't give a toss about me and my feelings . I've had a horrific 2 months , my dm had an accident that resulted in a hospital visit of 8 weeks . Coupled with the tragic family death , I needed him by my side today but no , anything rather than being with me.
Wwyd ???
I'm about to bail !! I'm done !!
How can he say he loves me ??
Bastard !

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KahlanAmnell Fri 18-Aug-17 21:06:52

Sorry you're having such a shit time supafish. Difficult to say what I would do with no back story. I've lived with an abusive arse for years, who never supported me and wasn't there for me. You say you're being treated badly again. Is this a pattern? Sending you hugs.

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