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Just venting.

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ginandlime Mon 14-Aug-17 10:32:13

Got a solicitors letter today. He's paid the court fee for the divorce. That would be the one he was asked to pay back in December. Oh, and he's not ready to submit Form E yet because they've only just got his bank statement. That would be the Form E he was sent on 17 March. (I checked). This is his method of still being in control and there's nothing I can do about it. I had hoped to have sold up and be moved by the end of the summer, but of course he's forcing me to stay somewhere I don't want to be and can't afford to run. So pissed off right now.

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Sarikiz Tue 15-Aug-17 04:29:17

I would ask your solicitor to write to his solicitor strongly expressing dismay at the delay and requesting they speed things up.
I know and understand your situation its hard and frustrating but try to focus on other aspects of your life and not let the divorce take over.

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