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Should I start divorce proceedings

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Whoopeewanda Mon 07-Aug-17 05:57:28

I've left my dh since almost four months. I felt I had to get out as he didn't love me although he said he did it was clear to me he didn't. He has since met another woman within a month and is getting very serious with her.
People are saying to me I should start divorce proceedings. I don't really want to, but I am worried for the future with 3 dcs. I had means to leave so I left our marital home, I knew he would never leave and would have had me in the back room cooking and cleaning for him forever more. I got out before things got worse and we're still amicable. He pays me minimal maintenance and has the dcs 3 nights a week.
Am I at risk of losing a payout or anything if I don't divorce and leave it to him?

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MrsBertBibby Mon 07-Aug-17 09:20:05

You really need to seek proper advice, no one can advise on so little information.

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