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Nowthefunbegins Sun 06-Aug-17 23:05:20

So, after being scared to do it for so long I finally plucked up the courage to tell him I want to separate and asked him to move out. Further complications as we own a joint business. This evening he has decided he wants me out the business asap and I feel he is trying to railroad me into making decisions too quickly - I don't think he can because I'm a director and 45% shareholder. He has 45% and 10% owned by another director but now I'm concerned that he could. He has organised a meeting for morning and need to know what to say. I hate confrontation and he tries to bully me with words - can anyone advise me how to handle this meeting. Feeling quite overwhelmed

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CockacidalManiac Sun 06-Aug-17 23:07:33

It might be worth posting this in Legal; they might be able to help.

mrspink27 Sun 06-Aug-17 23:07:39

I would cancel or postpone the meeting until you can get some legal advice. Am sure someone else will be along with other info.

Nowthefunbegins Sun 06-Aug-17 23:18:53

I think he wants to put the other director in the picture, but I definitely won't be making any decisions until I've has legal advice. I spoke to a solicitor earlier in the year but she's away until next week. He just seems to think everything can be sorted really quickly, which it just can't - I only told him this afternoon!. His whole attitude seems to be it'll be sorted in a few weeks and he isn't even considering our DD (12) and how she's feeling, pretty standard behaviour from him but still hard to cope with

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