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Financial/company ownership

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BooBreakingAgain Mon 31-Jul-17 14:33:25

DH about to start new business. He Registered new company already but I am not mentioned/listed as a director etc

There is a financial commitment (property charge) as a condition of the new business starting. Chances are the business is Likely to be very successful.

Because of that Next year is likely to be a massive commitment for both of us - him working significantly more and me taking care of all home stuff / young children + full time job.

We had a lot of issues in the last few years. Almost at breaking point. I don't want to stop DH from following his dream but I don't want to put myself in a position of him making it work and leaving me with nothing as a result.

Did any of you experience similar? Looking for advice if i should be listed as a company owner / remortgage with equity split adjustment etc?

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