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He filed first as petitioner, pursuer - I'm the respondent

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what2eatwhenurbored Thu 20-Jul-17 21:29:30

Hi, I'd be very grateful to hear from any respondents in an undefended (amicable as possible) divorce.

We've been separated amicably for 3 years with all assets divided and a good co-parenting arrangement. We had a horrific experience with a solicitor in the first 6 months (long story) and finally saw it was better to wait 2 years and source mediation etc. Finally last week we talked about getting on with the divorce - though no urgency either side.

I'm confused today that my ex visited a solicitor and seems to have loosely started proceedings, thinking I'd be pleased he was covering more costs that way. He needs the paperwork (affidavit) and has a friend who knows us both to write something and his solicitor thinks it will go through court smoothly. He wanted to let me know he'd send the wording for my approval - so our accounts match as much as possible before being pushed through a court.

Meanwhile my solicitor is on holiday and I'd hoped to see her Monday. I'm concerned now what my role is as the respondent is. It seems online that I don't get a say at all. I either defend, start own divorce (messy/expensive) or just say 'okay' to his account.

Anyone know more?

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