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Company director, company and private money disappearing overseas, WWYD?

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Awholenewlife Fri 14-Jul-17 11:09:42

I'm a co-director and shareholder with stbxh (my petition just issued) and we are attempting to carry on our company together (for now). However I've been locked out of certain company accounts, files etc and just getting the actual work to do (i.e being his servant as usual). My lawyer is searching what has happened to the company records/officers etc and has drafted a threatening letter that I must regain access to all these files, accounts etc.
I happen to know that he is working on establishing a new company overseas and taking all the clients and is sure to figure a way of using his parent's company to invoice, thereby avoiding having any official income etc. The company will just be wound up and the work will officially disappear, meaning he'll never have to pay any maintenance for his many children.
On the personal front a lot of money has been transferred out of the joint private accounts to overseas accounts I can't access.
I think this will all turn out very badly for him, as I'm sure lawyers/court have the authority to order money to put back and make a much larger settlement of assets based on one person refusing to offer any ongoing support. He obviously thinks getting money out of the UK protects it.
But I'm not sure how to proceed now. Do I get the lawyer to send this letter demanding access to all files etc again and carry on with this farcical work situation (with a baby at home and no childcare)? I have been trying to keep going to show professionalism and goodwill on my side as the company is a huge shared asset. How will it be valued? I hope it is the company's status as of the day before the split but worry that he will be working at diminishing the company to nothing while setting up another in order to trick me out of my share (annual profits are around 150k).
Can the money that has been siphoned off overseas be as easily retrieved as I hope?
Sorry for the ramble and I'd be grateful for any thoughts on this!

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babybarrister Fri 14-Jul-17 15:02:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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