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Unreasonable behaviour and other questions

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moonbeam75 Tue 11-Jul-17 16:52:55

Hello, thankyou for your time, I would really appreciate any opinion on my unreasonable behaviour points for my pending petition filing;

Grounds are;
-The respondent admitted to an improper relationship last year with a woman who's name is known.
-The respondent has harassed me through text after invading my internet privacy causing me considerable distress and paranoia of stalking.
-The respondent showed no interest in socialising with me, there were no activities and outings together, communication was always strained and the respondent moved out of the marital home[date to add].
-The respondent was verbally abusive and threatened violence towards me, leading to a physical violent attack on the [date to add], leaving me scared for my safety, the marriage had irritrievably broken down.
-It is now better for our children to see two happy parents than being forced to live with two unhappy parents.

Also, is ''evidence'' gained through a personal recording in your home, or information gathered through social media messages WITHOUT consent/permission, to be in those online accounts, ''proof'' that can be used in court?

Thankyou so very much for reading.

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seventhgonickname Wed 12-Jul-17 11:01:08

It doesn't have to be that wordy and you will have to leave out the children bit.No other proof is needed in addition.But yes,that should do it.
Put the date he moved out.
Good luck on the start of your new life.

moonbeam75 Mon 17-Jul-17 15:57:06

Thankyou for the reply and well wishes. I have worked on making it less wordy and have read that with violence being one issue that three in total should be acceptable.

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