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Divorce costs

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misswhatdoto2 Tue 04-Jul-17 21:44:09

Received my notification to say that nisi is to be read in 2 weeks. In the text it says "respondent to pay the costs of the petitioner such costs to be assessed if not agreed"

Will this drag things out or cost more? I am the petitioner so have paid out the £550 court fees. Ex has been pressurising me and getting me to agree to pay costs as he does not want to divorce and is me that is instigating it all. I have agreed for sake of the peace (we're still under same roof while house sale goes through) although he's already going to get more than would through courts as going 50:50 on house profits although children living with me.
I really don't want any more conflict as I am so worn down with the situation but based on that statement could the judge just order him to pay them anyway or a split. I've had to borrow so much money already to get to this stage plus organising rental to move into on the back of my equity that any money back would be a great help!

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Tinkerbellx Sat 15-Jul-17 12:22:09

The judge awarded the cost of divorce ( in my case just 450 ) to me the partitioner and I have t yet applied for the absolute even though I was granted nisi over a year ago solicitor advised me not to until finances settled .
I have the children and in Monday after a long haul as ex refused to discuss anything ( I was happy like you to spilt 50/50 but he buried his head in the sand so had to drag it through the courts ..... I got granted over 80% of the equity ! You should have a lot more than 50 if your caring for the children ... you'll need it .
As for the divorce cost I've never asked him for it because he would never pay me back anyway .
I paid a solicitor to sort out the finances but managed the actual divorce myself and it only cost 450 , as oppose to £8000 for the financial settlement ..... well spent now though.

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