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Why is narc ex like this??

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KatelovesJames Fri 23-Jun-17 02:07:57

Separated Jan 2015, divorce came through early last year. Have been in court over dd as he's shit with visitation and sticking to court order (keeps refusing to return her)

I'm 33 weeks pregnant and his behaviour since finding out is disgusting- he constantly tells dd baby is more important to me/I am replacing her/won't have any time for her when baby arrives 🙄

He is now only communicating through my dad or making sick noises when he sees me. However, he's started to accuse me, in court, of disgusting things i.e. Having sex in front of her!

He seems obsessed with making me look like a pissed up whore- I did have a breakdown before the marriage ended and was drinking too much but haven't had a drop since Dec 2015.

He's accused my fiancé of being a drug dealer and scaring dd. Dd loves him! But there's a history between my exh and partner going back over a decade.

Just wanting to vent really as he has dd this weekend.

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Mumtumwhatever Sun 25-Jun-17 08:39:27

That is such pathetic narc behaviour. Using the children and trying to plant ridiculous messages in them and pass onto you.

Read The Narc Decoder. It is a fabulous book that explains what his pathetic comments really say about him and how to address (or ignore) it.

Good luck. You have my upmost sympathies. Narcs are such a pain in the ass to deal with, especially with children.

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