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Abusive husband evading Divorce Petition

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Lovesdogsmore Fri 16-Jun-17 12:02:44

Am new here and after numerous conversations with friends they all suggest that I "ask mumsnet" so here I am!
I kicked my abusive husband (controlling, unfaithful, emotionally and verbally abusuve) out if the house last Summer and have gone No Contact ever since. It has been wonderful to live without his moods, rages and having to not walk constantly on eggshells.
He now lives with his new gf (next victim) and has refused to open door to Server and has evaded him also at work- he is a Police Officer and has moved from his old Police Station and the Police do not have to inform me of his new workplace or shift pattern.
Has anyone experienced a husband evading being served? I am keen to get divorced as quickly as possible so that I no longer have to deal with his drama so appreciate any advice.

AnnettePrice Sat 17-Jun-17 19:10:53

How many times has the server tried to serve the papers?
From what I can gather if you do enough (and have the evidence to take to court) then it can move ahead without being served . You will need to do Application to dispense with service.

Good luck and I hope it goes smoother for you in the future.

MrsBertBibby Sun 18-Jun-17 08:51:36

You will need to apply for substituted service rather than to dispense with service. Has he an email address? You could suggest that. Plus process server to post through letterbox, service via Facebook if he's on there.

Lovesdogsmore Sun 18-Jun-17 11:52:35

Thankyou for this- have tried to serve numerous times over last 3 weeks. Server will try to serve him via letterbox and film him returning home as evidence.
MrsBertBibby- can you do that serve via Facebook? Would love to do that!

MrsBertBibby Sun 18-Jun-17 14:49:09

I don't think we've yet had service by Facebook over here. A NY judge ordered it, I think.

Give it a go, if you succeeded you could be the Mail's hate figure for weeks!

Lovesdogsmore Sun 18-Jun-17 15:06:22

Ha ha yes can just imagine it.
Someone should create an App that makes it easy to serve unpleasant ex partners....

Thanks for confirming and hopefully I'll get it served soon via the substituted service

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