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How to get a court order to stay in the house

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Notsoyummymummy88 Mon 05-Jun-17 05:44:39

Hey everyone.

So I've recently split from my ex, I am staying in our home with the children and
He has moved in apparently flat sharing with a woman (who was my friend) and today found out they are a couple.

the original agreement was that he was to have the children 3 nights a week then he changed it to 2 nights a week and then decided he's actually not going to have them at all over night and will have them for a few hours on a Sunday.

He has said to me he will only have his children again over night if I sell our home.

As I see it this is my children's home, they've been through enough change and for me to up and sell and come out with about £70k would not get me anywhere.

He's happy with his living arrangement and he's not struggling yet I am. I am working 2 jobs to try and keep us above water and I have NO time for myself I feel like my head is going to explode.

It makes me sick that he is choosing money over his children and also to spend time with his new girlfriend (who doesn't have children).

He doesn't pay no maintenance at all towards the children, he tells me to go to CSA cos he will say he's not working as he is self employed bla bla bla.

I feel at a loss here and I don't want to give up my home and I feel that he is going to try to continue to force me to sell. It's as if he is doing this to pressure me so that I can get to breaking point and sell the house.

I know the courts can apply an order for me to stay in the house with the children up until whatever they state however when it comes to the sale I also begrudge the fact that I'm the one who's been paying the mortgage alone, upkeep of the house, the children and he would've had no part in that to then come away with 50%.

Does anyone know what my options are with the court order and how to apply and also getting more than 50% when it does come to the sell?

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babybarrister Mon 05-Jun-17 21:15:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Blushingm Mon 05-Jun-17 23:21:25

The cms checked with hmrc for income, they don't reply on sending payslips etc

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