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Childsvoicefirst Sun 04-Jun-17 02:20:49

After fleeing abuse, and fighting everyday against the ongoing abuse allowed via the family courts, Today the police removed my son against his wishes, after convicted violent criminal father was granted a residency order with power of arrest of mother attached. I need help and don't know what to do next, who to talk to, what I'm allowed to say to who or where to ask for help. There is 100% an error occurred and I have full details to disclose to who ever will listen and help. Please help.
Kind regards

BritInUS1 Sun 04-Jun-17 02:44:27

Can you call Women's Aid for advice? Or maybe the CAB
Do you have a solicitor?
How old is your son?

Childsvoicefirst Sun 04-Jun-17 03:15:40

I have and their advice is contact my IDVA, she's not available till Monday morning. I have been representing myself but will seek legal help from IDVA. My son is nearly 10 and his voice has been completely ignored along with all my evidence of harm. Mentioning the harm was a ' negative attitude' . I'm scared stiff for my son mental and emotional state. My abuser told me if I left him, he would get my son, 4 years later he had finally succeeded. I can't get my head around the injustice and the danger my son is now in.

BritInUS1 Sun 04-Jun-17 03:59:03

Unfortunately unless you can prove your son is in immediate danger, I doubt there is anything you can do until Monday then.

Not what you want to hear I know, what an awful situation

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