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Non Molestation Order for Stalking Ex

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morewhine Sat 20-May-17 17:06:14

My ex husband has chosen to live 7 doors away from me after our separation and comes to my house and shouts at me in the street and makes false accusations I'm denying him access to our child. My ex husband suspects/knows I'm in a new relationship and has a history of making his presence known when my boyfriend is at my house. It was an acrimonious divorce as he had 2 affairs and stole money. He tried to tell the lawyers he needs 24/7 access to me because our son lives with me but as he frequently doesn't turn up for weekly custodial visits that's just nonsense. We only communicate via Family Wizard.
Has anybody got a molestation order against their ex-spouse? Do you need a lawyer? My ex husband approached my new partner, me and my son on the street today and created a major scene which was deeply disturbing to my son. I need these incidents to stop immediately. Enough is enough.

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