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Help please! Girlfriend and mother of my baby caught cheating

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mrnoone Sat 20-May-17 11:48:00

I don't know what to do and I don't know where it went wrong;

All started when we had our baby, we are very young parents and that effected our lives a lot (as it would) However, since our babies birth my girlfriend has been down a lot probably postnatal depression. About 9 months down the line she tells me she needs space so can I have our baby for a few nights at my mums and she has him a few nights without me for a while to get her head straight. This was meant to last 2 weeks but it is currently the 7th. She told me she needed more time because I text her too much. I tried not to text for days but my heart would break so i would just message saying 'you ok to chat' and she would get angry like she doesn't want to talk to me. Anyway, last night she told me she thinks we should actually break up for a while and carry on what we are doing with our baby. However, I logged into her account (I know I shouldn't) because I wanted to know what was going on and being said about me. I saw all her messages to this boy and they have been sending very graphic messages and naked pictures and even met up twice. I am heart broken! I confronted her and him and he didn't even know about me or our baby and now me and her are not on good terms at all! I want her back but I feel sick when I think about it and I think I always will. Help

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LongingInfatuation Sun 20-Aug-17 11:50:35

I hope that with the time that has passed since writing this post you have given your gf/ex space, not for her sake but you're own.

Being frank, you have pushed her into the arms of another man. When a women needs space you should let them. Don't hound them with messages and shower them with your presense. Instead allow them to breathe, reflect and miss you. Never try to control someone because this is the aftermath when you do. Next time learn to grow by focusing on the things you have control of - yourself.

And finally take care of the child, provide for your child, be responsible for your actions and don't use the child as a bartering tool.

BabyG2015 Sun 20-Aug-17 17:17:31

Post above is a load of BS!!!

Yes, when she asked you to give her space, your should have respected that but this DOES NOT mean you pushed her into the arms of another man...
The fact is, she was probably seeing this guy before she asked you for space!

It bothers me that 7 weeks on, you still have the baby with you, its almost like she wants to be single with no attachements again so she can be free to do as she pleases with this other man.

Do the right thing and end it... and between you both, find a solution for your child as he/she should be the priority here.

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