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Decree nisi refused

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Gohackyourself Fri 19-May-17 12:51:56

Does anyone know why a judge may refuse a nisi in straightforward uncontested divorce.

No finances to sort -
Only have 1 child. TBH no financial statement was needed to be made or arrangements added to document.... will it be this reason?

WatchingFromTheWings Fri 19-May-17 13:10:22

I know when I divorced I had to outline the child access arrangements. Judge wouldn't allow the divorce unless he was happy arrangements had been made. Think I also had to include financial agreement (for the kids) too.

Gohackyourself Fri 19-May-17 13:16:00

Ok.fingers crossed it's that as had enough of it all tbh.
Thank you

Allconsumingshitstorm Fri 19-May-17 13:58:48

That's odd. We didn't outline arrangements. Dad has eow but nowhere set out in the documents...

Gohackyourself Fri 19-May-17 14:29:29

Ah I know.thought was gonna be all straightforward.
Will await the ex updating me what the directions are we need to fulfill but guess that may take a few weeks confused

Hermonie2016 Fri 19-May-17 14:58:00

It could be the petition reasons as they need to be strong enough to show marriage is not likely to continue.This is to avoid those filing quickly and then regretting the action.

Petitions have to show unreasonable behaviour (assume it was on that basis) not just we drifted apart.
Many solicitors are campaigning for no fault divorces for this reason.

Gohackyourself Fri 19-May-17 15:22:07

No . We have been separated since 2012

CaliforniaHorcrux Fri 19-May-17 15:34:44

In that case presumably you're using the separated for two years with consent reason, or five years regardless of consent or not. I got divorced in 2015 with the two years consent rule and like you I had no financial matters to resolve and only one of my children was relevant. But apparently child and financial matters are dealt with separately now. It's difficult to give advice with out knowing all the facts but if you go on the Wikivorce website there's loads of useful help on there and a forum where you can get advice

Gohackyourself Fri 19-May-17 17:42:03

Thanks California- an hermonie- I'll go to the site an take a look.its got to be something to do with kids or financial arrangements for them

CaliforniaHorcrux Fri 19-May-17 19:26:53

No problem and I hope you manage to get it sorted out soon. It's stressful enough with out more complications and things you don't understand

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