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Checklist of separating

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misswhatdoto2 Thu 11-May-17 19:31:38

For those who have gone through it, just need a list of things I need to cancel/ close when we're separated. Ie/ joint bank accounts etc
Still under same roof at the moment but feeling liberated having just set up my own nectar and tesco club cards! grin already have my own bank account but will need to take my name off our joint accounts when deed is finally done. How do I disassociate myself from him financially on credit scores etc?
I've also changed my password and username on ebay so he can't access that anymore.
Any other things I'm missing?

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tadpole73 Fri 12-May-17 20:44:37

Remove him from your car insurance or his Jewellery off household insurance

Apply for 25% discount on council tax

Apply for tax credits/school free meals/help with optical & dental costs if applicable

Does he have any keys to anything?

Remove him off any joint bills, think about who to leave any life insurance to, change any Will/Death In Service at school, remove him from being next of kin etc

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