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Paying for court costs

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OhBlissOhJoy Fri 05-May-17 20:52:03

Can anyone help please?

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OhBlissOhJoy Fri 05-May-17 17:03:38

Can anyone clear up some confusion for me? My Nisi went to court last month and STBXH was ordered to pay the costs. My solicitor advised me that it was £950+VAT (£1140) + £550 for the court fee. I've asked STBXH for this and he hit the roof as his solicitor hadn't advised him he was liable for this. Early on in the proceedings I seem to remember he had offered £100 towards the costs and stated that he didn't know what the costs would be and I don't think this was ever followed up letting him know, however I rejected his £100 and instructed my solicitor to go for the full amount.
Anyway, I wanted to email him a link stating that as he is "at fault" due to his adultery that is why they have ruled in my favour, but all I can find is articles saying he has to pay the court fees of £550. I don't know where the £950 has come from (and solicitor not around this afternoon to ask). Does anyone have any idea? Things have been really difficult to get to this point and I don't want to battle for the £950 if he doesn't have to pay it, is he liable to pay for something if he didn't know the amount?
Thank you if you know.

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