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contact dispute with ex

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ohdeaeyme Thu 20-Apr-17 17:58:26 following on from this thread here...

I spoke to a solicitor last week who has done a legal aid application for me. one of the things he has said is im going to need as much evidence as possible.

i have message screenshots and literally a few pictures of injuries to myself.

i can probably get a shed ton more evidence but im not sure where to start or what would be suitable. so to start me off what are good sources of evidence. i have been told there will likely be a fact finding hearing.

Hermonie2016 Sun 23-Apr-17 22:12:12

Haven't seen your earlier threads but it's likely cafcass will be involved and depending on ages of children they may speak with them.

Evidence from external sources such as police, gp or school would be useful.

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