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Bullying Ex Husband/Access to Children

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user1492467089 Mon 17-Apr-17 23:22:18

My ex-husband has now decided to stop me seeing our children when he feels like it, despite having a shared care order which states exact days of the week, alternate weekends etc etc. He wouldn't allow me them on Mother's Day because it fell on his weekend and is now saying I cannot have them this coming weekend despite the fact he's just had them for the long Easter weekend. What do I do ? My instinct is to go and collect them on Saturday as I rightly should and face whatever confrontation comes at me but for the kids sakes should I be the bigger person and let him think he's won ? I cannot describe how much I hate this man !

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rightsofwomen Mon 17-Apr-17 23:30:04

I would contact him, saying you will be collect children as per court order and leave it at that. No more discussion. Keep the paper trail and take him back to court. He's breaching the court order. What an arse.

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