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Children's Book about parents separating

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iwasagirlinavillage Thu 13-Apr-17 07:06:33

Can anyone recommend a book for a three year old which would help to explain different types of families and Mummy and Daddy living apart? My daughter sobbed for about an hour last night saying over and over "I want Mummy and Daddy to be together". I've tried talking to her and explaining that in some families Mummy and Daddy don't live together and that's what our family is like now but we both still love her, also that it's okay to be sad about it and it's okay to cry. I think a book could help to reinforce the idea that other families are like this too and it's not just ours. Does anyone have any recommendations?

RueDeDay Thu 13-Apr-17 07:16:52

My DD was a bit older but we liked 'Mum and Dad Glue' though I found it difficult to read without choking up!

Minime85 Thu 13-Apr-17 10:37:58

Second vote for mum and dad glue. My youngest was just 6. Was a hard read though but really carefully told and pictures help.

Blinkyblink Thu 13-Apr-17 17:09:04

Oddly enough, that one just didn't do it for my two at all.

We LOVE The Big Book of Families. Highly recommend

Blinkyblink Thu 13-Apr-17 17:10:17

3 and 6 here

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