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Filed for divorce yesterday

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Tingatingatale Tue 11-Apr-17 08:58:02

Hi all

After being separated for a year I finally found the courage to file for divorce yesterday. I need to take control back. Exh has told me he will not sign papers and I cannot divorce him. Everything is on his terms and I can't be controlled anymore. I feel sick though as I am still nervous of his reaction

ANewDawn Tue 11-Apr-17 17:52:55

Am in same position. I've posted in the thread for support with divorce. Cut and paste from my previuous entry:
still living together although seperated for nearly a fucking year. I so fucking hate him and feel sick.
He's put me off countless times, dragged things out and generally stuck his head in the sand. He thinks I'm a bully and I'm underhand.
I've finally had the divorce petition served on him and he's playing the 'poor me' stupid shit fuck bastard. I can't do anything becuase he's 'covered by the disability act' which i know is crap but i think he believes it. not sure what current diagnosois he has at the moment/is hiding behind.
So i don;t think he will be repsonding to the petition or engaging a solicitor yet because I've made him ill apparnetly. i fucking hate him. it's been nearly a fucking year and he still hasn't got a solicitor but I'm rushing him..
he's going to make me pay, isn;t he? Just for saying i want out. I can't believe he's making this so hard. It's fucking awful. I have to keep it together for the kids, who keep asking me what's happening. My 13 year old DD is confused by it all, but I stay neutral, not that he fucking deserves that. It's seriously damaging my health. I can;'t afford to move out, maybe that's what hes trying to make me do.
I'm at work and don;t want to go home but I just feel like sitting here and crying. It's the worst thing.

ANewDawn Tue 11-Apr-17 17:54:13

i think my STBXH also wants to control everything, hence the stupid shit he's been spouting. I too am nervous and anxious about his next move.

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