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Universal Credit

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tadpole73 Sat 08-Apr-17 01:22:00

I don't know much about this.
Maybe splitting with hubby, so if I bought a smaller house outright, would I not be allowed to claim UC?
Also, when you get child maintenance from your ex, does UC reduce and if you rent out a room in your house?
I ran a quote on the Tax Credit Calculator which stated I'd get £534 each month (to include child allowance and working tax/child element of tax credits), but UC states I will only get £89 child allowance whether mortgaged or not.
I can't believe UC would be £445 less a month?

Any ideas?

TreeTop7 Sat 08-Apr-17 23:16:04

Firstly, are you in a UC area? You can check online. Because if not, you will get TC not UC until you're migrated to UC (probably in 2019/2020).

Owning your home doesn't affect UC or TC. Neither does child maintenance. Neither does the income from Rent-a-Room.

The figures quoted for TC are always 4 weekly not monthly by the way. UC is paid monthly.

I am not familiar with UC but a major difference is that if you're self employed, UC assumes that your weekly profits will be at least 35 x hourly National Minimum Wage. I think that the minimum amount of hours you have to work is higher in general. Also, if you have savings of between £6k and £16k your UC is reduced (savings of 16k or more means you'll get no UC). There's more info here

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