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Wedding in his family - all been invited. Should I attend? It's amicable....

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WeAreNotInKansasAnymore Wed 29-Mar-17 19:50:14

Received a wedding invitation. One of his cousins is getting married. STBXH and I have been living separately in the same house for about 6 mths. It is amicable but we have applied for a divorce and sold house, ready to move into 2 sep homes. I don't know if he has told his relatives. We will have the DCs 50:50 but one child is on hols with friends.


To attend? Or not? Will it give too much of a confused message if I go, too, or is it better to stay away but jeopardise the friendship with his rels? Has anyone been in this situation?

Heatherjayne1972 Fri 31-Mar-17 19:10:00

Personally I wouldn't go. It's his family which you not part of now
Let him take the children
You get day/afternoon to yourself

EnormousTiger Fri 31-Mar-17 19:51:52

Perhaps just decide on the basis of what you want to do. I went with the children to see the sick grandmother on the other side but I (but not our children of course) stayed away from the funeral as that felt the right thing to do.

RubyWhichOne Sat 01-Apr-17 12:39:15

I wouldn't go, unless the cousin getting married is good friend of mine.

WeAreNotInKansasAnymore Sat 01-Apr-17 13:36:51

Thanks everyone! Tricky. I have discussed it with him and he is happy to go with whatever I decide. We will be one child down and he could end up going alone, which sounds so sad. We have seen this cousin get together with the fiance, etc. and our absence would be noticed. She may not be my 'family' any more but as the split is amicable, maybe we should collectively make the effort to create a happy atmosphere. Argh... She is one of our closest rels; not a good friend as such, but they have been great with our children - his aunt has been a bit like a grandmother to them.

I am talking myself into it...

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