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question about spousal maintenance

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ErnieAndBernie Tue 21-Mar-17 21:49:03

I know spousal maintenance isn't awarded all that often but I was wondering what the general circumstances need to be in order to be awarded it?
I will be divorcing my husband in the next few months. He is a workaholic and frequently travels with work (I'd say last year he was away 2 nights a week for about 35 weeks of the year) and often works ridiculous hours. We have 2 dc who are 9 and 4. I went part time after dc 1 was born and shortly after dc2 was born we moved abroad (within Europe) and I had to quit my job to support him. I now work from home as a freelancer earning very little in terms of hourly wage, he's on around 90k euros a year plus bonus.
Its highly unlikely my earning potential will go above 25k£ when I come back in a few months. My current employer has said they will take me on as permanent staff and should be able to increase hours to school hours (9-3 or similar).
Would it be likely I could get awarded the maintenance, (at least until the kids are in secondary school and I have a chance to increase my hours) because my earning potential has been affected?

ErnieAndBernie Tue 21-Mar-17 21:50:30

for what it is worth the main reason we are separating is because he is financially controlling and would never agree to joint finances, I was even forced into debt at one point as he would not agree to top up what we had to pay in childcare fees

usernamealreadytaken Tue 21-Mar-17 21:53:50

I don't know about awards of spousal maintenance on divorce but I think one of my divorcee friends negotiated it via mediation not the courts. CSA maintenance used to include a parent premium for the parent with care.

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