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Court order for form E completion

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meg70 Sun 19-Mar-17 21:38:14

Does anyone know how much it costs for the court order to get a form E completed? ...and if it's possible that the judge would get my stbxh to pay (as he's been deliberately stalling for well over a year now)? Not that it matters I guess coz until we are divorced my money is his money and vice-versa. Sigh. But if he thinks he'll have to stump up the - extra - cash for that I hope he's more likely to comply.

Hermonie2016 Mon 20-Mar-17 17:27:29

Meg, I paid £265 for application for financial consent order.
There is a pdf shows all the current fees, not sure I can I link but perhaps have a Google.

Obviously on top of that you would need solicitors costs to review and a barrister for the actual hearing.My solicitor estimated around 4k for 1st stage.

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