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What % of the family home were you awarded? Particularly Interested if you were a SAHP!

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Scrubba Mon 13-Mar-17 19:00:34

Just that really, I'm getting divorced. Up to now we're splitting 50/50 but he's a wealthy man (will be a millionaire when he inherits, has over £750,000 in assets as it is now)
I'm not claiming anything out of the business, I just want half the house.

I'm going 50/50 pretty much to keep it amicable and so I can get away faster but I gave up my job and became SAHM working within his business for a nominal wage. Now I'm back working since the split but only part time as majority of childcare falls to me.
I earn £729pm take home.
Not currently entitled to any benefits or tax credits etc because he is such a high earner and we're still under the same roof.

I know my friend who divorced came away with 52% of the equity when she divorced but they were close equals, job wise, and she didn't give up her job.

Advice here is what I'm after.

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Gini99 Mon 13-Mar-17 19:26:39

Scrubba please get legal advice to give you an solid idea of what is reasonable in your situation. Everyone's situation is different and it really won't help to know what other people had on average. I'd be very surprised if 50:50 is reasonable in your case as it sounds as if there's a huge disparity in earning capacity.

Please don't let the idea of 'keeping it amicable' stop you getting advice. If you've got a clear idea of what is reasonable then it's much easier to come to a fair agreement. I'm not suggesting you fight in court, just that you start from an informed position. I lawyer can help you to think through all of the different aspects e.g. pensions etc too.

JoJoSM2 Mon 13-Mar-17 19:54:06

Also, he's not a wealthy man - you are wealthy people. You've been in the relationship together and building the wealth together - he didn't do the childcare so he could do the earning. You did the childcare so that he could earn for all of you. You've also worked for the business. (personally, I'm a bit surprised you only had tiny wages). Do seek professional advice to work out what's fair. You come across as being at the risk of being a bit of a pushover.

Scrubba Mon 13-Mar-17 21:01:24

I know, tomorrow is the day I take control. I just wanted some figures from anyone in a similar boat x

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BamboozledByPaperClips Mon 13-Mar-17 21:22:15

I'm in an identical position, I've been a sahm for 5 years. I'm working part time earning £800pm, my work fits around my girls. And my earning capacity will never be anywhere near his. 730k worth of equity in 3 properties. 6 figure salary, pension, investments and share of property held in trust worth circa 5 mil. He wants 50/50 on the 730k.

We're mediating at the moment but will likely end up in court. I second the advice, get a SHL on board. My stbxh only wants to settle out of court to avoid a fair and equitable split of the assets. And you should be entitled to benefits btw. As long as you're living separate lives under the same roof, not sharing meals, beds, not socialising together etc then you'll be classed as a single claimant. So please look into it. It's a welcome income especially if like me your stbx controls all the funds.

cookiemon666 Mon 13-Mar-17 21:27:19

My consent form is being drafted. He has agreed to give all the proceeds from the house to provide a home for the children. We have no other assets as he has been FA and EA. Thank god for my SHL, well worth the fee's being paid to him.

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