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Division of property, assets etc (separation)

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HenrysCatNo14 Mon 13-Mar-17 13:16:11

In the process of "amicably" separating (except the days when I want to hit him with a plank of wood, but that would be a different topic!). Plan is likely to be he will buy me out of the house, I will move out then he will sell up and move (pre-separation we had already been discussing moving out of this area but both trying to move at the same time if we don't need to seems like madness). Anyway, the actual question: pretty clear in terms of house, shares, savings, debts etc but what I'm not sure on is how we divide up house contents - makes sense for most of it to stay with him which would presumably be financial compensation to me (from him) but also seems potentially unfair that he gets all the 'old' stuff and I get shiny new. Not sure how this would work best - any advice?

NotJanine Mon 13-Mar-17 13:19:13

We split them so that we roughly got the same value of items each. But if you want to agree that he keeps it all and pays you an agreed sum of money, then do that.

HenrysCatNo14 Mon 13-Mar-17 20:28:39

Did you just reach agreement over the value? E.g. He has the sofa so you have the tv as it's roughly equivalent value? Not sure how to arrive at agreement over values

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