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How to help my friend

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MalmMumma Mon 13-Mar-17 09:47:18

My best friend from school, who I've known since I was 5 is divorcing his husband after finding out he's been having an affair. We live a few hundred miles away from each other so I can't be with her a lot to lend my support but wondered what kind of things I should be doing to support her - both practical and emotional. She has 2 kids of primary school age so needs to support them too but I know she's eating and sleeping very little at the moment as it's just hit her like a ton of bricks. Please share any advice that you have so I can help support her. My DH works off shore and is due back at the end of March so hoping to visit her early April when he's back to look after our DS. Child related and financial related help would be great as well - I suspect her husband is going to make this as difficult as possible for her given how he's been over the last week. TIA

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