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Husband trouble

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Mof4boys Sat 11-Mar-17 20:47:25

Need some advice I have been with my husband for 10 years we have 3 children together and I have a 15 year old from previous disaster of a relationship. My eldest doesn't see his real dad and has had a turbulent relationship with my husband they seem to clash. Last April I had had enough and told him to go I finally cracked with him calling my son names and not letting him sit in the lounge kicking him out early for school and various other things. He has never left!!!! He told the other children without me whilst I was at work but he never left. He said he couldn't do it. He sleeps on the sofa and has done for years we do have sex but I feel so used afterwards. He has told me that I never open up to him about my feelings and hates me smoking which I only started again when things were really bad in May last year. I recently agreed to dog sit for my brother I didn't ask hubby as he was supposed to be gone again after we had sat the kids down and told them again. He didn't go when he said he was but said he will be gone for the week he went for 2 nights and wouldn't tell me where just came back. Last week he said he was going again so when I had an incident with my eldest involving school I didn't tell him I couldn't deal with him having a go and screaming at my son for no reason. Now tonight he's stomped out and said see you in the morning I might be back tonight or I might stay out????
I'm lost of what to do??? Do I keep trying for the sake of the kids or just give up. I have tried to change but don't feel close to him I work nights the nights I don't work he's normally late home or I'm to tired to wait up. I do love him but feel I'm in a loosing battle!!!
Any advice????

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