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When will this end????

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Begadsandbyjingo Wed 08-Mar-17 22:24:23

Just looking to vent really. Just been tipped over the edge by looking for a counsellor to verbally vent to, only to find I have no chance of affording it. Been separated for five months but as STBXH is out of work I am having to let him stay in the family home. I can barely describe how frustrated I am - I work crazily hard in a very stressful job but have sod all to show for it. I pay for everything and have done for a long time. Every day I hope he will get a job and I can move on but I'm starting to think this will never happen. I dread coming home but am also unhappy at work. I feel I can't talk to friends or family as they just all advise me to sell the house and force the change. I have no energy to sell the house - I am exhausted and utterly miserable. I'm trying to keep going for the sake of my kids and also I need to keep going as I am financially responsible for everything. I make a joke of how shit things are and people think I'm coping really well but really I'm suffocating under the pressure and huge resentment. 😔

rightsofwomen Thu 09-Mar-17 09:50:28

I made numerous calls to Samaritans when I just needed to cry and vent.
They listen and calm you down.

Have you seen your GP?

blackteasplease Thu 09-Mar-17 14:05:13

Hi OP. I am in a very similar situation. Not hte same moneywise but a stbxh who is EA and refuses to move out.

Being going on ages trying to resolve things, but I"ve now put in divorce petition.

rights what a brilliant idea re samaritans. I will give that a try next time I feel on the edge.

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