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Clean split but can I pay mortgage on benefits?

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PurpleDragon76 Tue 07-Mar-17 14:14:42

So I seperated from my husband 3 weeks ago. I am trying to sort benefits as I don't work as I am a carer for my son who receives DLA. Its very draining and headache inducing.

My ex now says he wants me to pay the mortgage and in return he will relinquish the house and take no money. We have only owned it 2 years and have the government help to buy. He also wants me to pay off the military help to buy which is about £8000 then he can buy himself a flat and have the kids more. I can't even make sense if this is fair but my main worry is would I even get the mortgage in my name if I am claiming benefits and not working? I can't sleep, feel really tearful and the stress is all consuming. Just want rid of him now.

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MrsBertBibby Tue 07-Mar-17 16:16:02

I very much doubt you could get a mortgage in your own name. A mortgage broker can advise.

AmyMum2mumStoke Tue 28-Mar-17 00:37:58

He can't take his name off the mortgage without your concent. Mine thought he could wonder into the bank and take his name off the mortgage too but it's a loan which you are both responsible for. On paper I cannot get a mortgage but can afford to pay that with the bills. He has to stay on the mortgage until my son is 18. You will probably be turned down for a mortgage on benefits but in my opinion he's asking too much of you to pay £8000 on top of all this. I would see a solicior x

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