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Splitting assets

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Tinnah Wed 01-Mar-17 10:22:54

Thank Red and ET.

1. No Divorce has been agreed, a date for prouncement of a decree has been set.

2.Thanks for clarification - court fees I thought so.

3. I suspect cash abroad is about £50-£70 or even £100k - EU country.

4. Equity is just a shy of £200k

5. Ye I took him on breach of statutory duty when I discovered. Applied for injunction, did not seek legal advice. He won on technicalities. I did not submit statement of truth. No written agreement, have learnt the tough way. But don't regret it, I was brought up with family values - TRUST!
Yes he has communicated to most of contractors he is nolonger with this company. I may not get those very cutomers but have tried to carry on with new sub-contractors, but he still block these. I got a very incompetent (in my opinion)lawyer. He could not even apply for a disclosure order after he admitted that he only transferred one client. It is a construction industry. I was /I'm office based, he is site based. I set - up this business a year after we got married, now it seems like I found him with this business. I did all preliminaries. He didn't have any friends then, now they are in thousands seeing me as the wicked witch.

Share is 50/50. I believe he has been adviced by his legal team not to leave until divorce settlement so he can have a universal settlement, me buy him out so he won't have to pay me anything on family side.

ET I wish me and him can come to some agreement like yours. He has said he will fight for the house, one can just see the bitterness in his face.

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