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user1488308965 Tue 28-Feb-17 19:47:09

Hi does anyone know where a women and 3 kids are supposed to live if he gets back into the house via a occupation order ? . He wont divorce me or sell the house.Housing wont help a I'm not homeless , various organisations have tried refuge but cant take us. I am going to be trapped in a loveless marriage in a house with him and I'm scared.

AnnettePrice Tue 28-Feb-17 20:01:35

You can divorce him.
You might have to live in the same house until the divorce finances are sorted . It won't be easy, but it sounds like it isn't easy anyway at the moment. There are many options on housing you and your DCs (as well as your DH separately) when the finances are sorted.
It will depend on a lot of factors (equity, savings, who earns what, age of DCs, etc) , if you can I'd suggest seeing a solicitor.

user1488308965 Tue 28-Feb-17 20:09:51

Hi I have no money to use a solicitor , as I'm a housewife .I was told I could fill in a form to the court. He controls everything and wont give me any money to leave either.

Needcourage Sun 05-Mar-17 09:04:13

Hi, OP. In your posting, you said you are scared...why?
If there is abuse, you should try a refuge...women's aid...if they don't have availabilityaround you, are you prepared to be reduced further away? You would need to keep checking in with them...because as soon as space is available, you would have to move immediately.
You haven't posted in a few days, how are you? And what's happened so far.
Sorry, I don't have better advice but hoping this will bump it and get people who have better advice to write in.
All the best.

blackteasplease Mon 06-Mar-17 09:28:42

You can certainly fill in the form and send it yourself. there are instructions for it online.

You can often get a free hour or two with a solicitor.

Or try women's aid or a law centre.

Doing the divorce petition is a good start as it gets the ball rolling.

Courts can get them out in the interim if there is actual physical abuse or threats but you probably can't use financial or emotional abuse for that.

You might have to live with him while it's sorted but take heart from the fact it will be sorted.

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