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Guidlelines for separating while still under the same roof?

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aleto Wed 22-Feb-17 17:13:03

I asked DH for a separation in early January. Our circumstances mean that we are both going to stay in the marital home until May or June. I've looked around but can't find if there are any guidelines for being separated but still living together. For example should we be eating, sleeping, doing laundry etc separately? Can we start the process now or does separation only truly begin when you are in separate accommodation?

FV45 Fri 24-Feb-17 00:16:36

No, you can live together but be apart. Separate bedrooms help. Not doing each other's cooking and cleaning etc

JaffaCakesMum Fri 24-Feb-17 11:06:50

My STBEH and I separated over 7 months ago but still live in the same's a nightmare. At first I kept doing what I was doing (everything) so as to keep the peace, but now I don't do his washing and ironing and only offer him something for dinner if I'm making a big pot of whatever, IYSWIM. You can't claim benefits whilst you are still living in the same house even though you live separate lives. My solicitor told me that the separation date is the date something happened that you can prove. In our case he withdrew money (his) from the joint account and told me he didn't trust me. I guess asking him for a divorce and recording it would also be good enough. Keep a journal.

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