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How do I leave?

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jessemzie Wed 01-Feb-17 23:35:32

I am really struggling.
3 kids in tow, dog, house, married... usual!!
My husband is so unreasonable, moody and when he steps foot in the house after work it's like the kids all disperse to their rooms, and a black cloud has covered the house! Why though? I don't know! When I try to confront him he hasn't actually done anything wrong... has he? He doesn't yell at me or call me names or hit why do I feel like I do? He doesn't speak very nicely to the kids when he talks to them and he gives them instructions as soon as he comes through the door, 'tidy your room' etc etc. He says I should have already done it then he wouldn't be the bad guy.
He sometimes doesn't speak. If I ask what's wrong I'm glared at, and I know I shouldn't ask. He's always telling me how beautiful I am but he tries to speak to me when I want to watch something on tv, is he doing this on purpose or what? He doesn't show any interest in any of the kids at all. He does nothing with them. He constantly speaks about how he can't wait until they all move out! He says he's joking...
My youngest has outbursts about how he hates his dad cos he's lazy and mean and doesn't do anything with him. He says he's always grumpy and he hates it when he's home. But why? I really don't know how to put in words how shitty I feel when he's around or what it is he's actually doing to make me feel so crappy!!
He doesn't laugh much, he's very over weight, I feel so miserable but when I tell him how I feel he makes me feel like he's a saint. I feel like I'm going mad!

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Heatherjayne1972 Fri 03-Feb-17 10:20:33

Make a plan. Get as many documents together as you can. Passports driving license birth certificates. Marriage certificate pensions savings bank account details and anything you can think of really. Put them somewhere safe ( with someone else maybe) and anything else valuable/sentimental
Speak to women's aid/council/cab see what you'd be entitled to with benefits and housing etc
If you want out there's always a way
Is there anyone you could stay with until you get sorted?
Or ask him to leave - depends on your circumstances really
Good luck

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