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Dividing children's sick leave with ex

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Slmce78 Thu 26-Jan-17 13:17:33

Hello ladies, I just wanted to find out if you have any views about working out how to deal with splitting a child's sick days with my ex. My son is in nursery full time as I work long hours. My ex, his dad works full time too and lives 60 miles away. My ds has had chicken pox and my ex won't take any leave to look after him. I feel it's really unfair especially because he's barely asked about him these past few days as he was away with his new girlfriend (or maybe one of his mistresses) for burns night. We have an annual planner which ex sees our son but won't help with sick days. Your thoughts are always valued xxx

stuckinny Thu 26-Jan-17 13:34:28

It's tough when DC are sick.

In my case, as legally I'm his guardian, sick cover is my problem (unless DC is sick on Thursday as he's with his dad on Wednesday nights). However, his father and I only live 4 miles apart and things are fairly amicable so we end up splitting the cover. EH has a more flexible job which allows him to work from home so it makes it a little easier.
But if things become less friendly, which they sometimes do, then it all rests on my shoulders. I end up either taking the time as annual leave or unpaid.

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