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House sale - can we just agree to go 50/50?

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newsparklylife Mon 23-Jan-17 08:17:12

Ex and I have a house in joint names which I live in. Was going to sell at some point in the future but due to circumstances that have occurred am going to need to sell now asap. We haven't got a financial order to split the house - originally the solicitor was going to do a deal he got his pension i got the house but to be honest it has to be sold now and I can't wait. If he agrees to a 50/50 split can we do this?

dalmatianmad Mon 23-Jan-17 08:22:38

Sorry you are in this situation.
We split the profit 50/50 when we got divorced and sold the family home. Just seemed like the easiest and most fair way of doing it.
We both received a cheque with exact same amount.
Enabled me and dc to move on and ideally put a deposit on a new place.....

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