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Wife wants to separate but I have no idea where to start

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DuckShoes Tue 17-Jan-17 08:22:56

Not sure I've ever used a forum before but feel a bit lost, so here goes. My wife of 12 years is very keen to separate and says our marriage is over, she's probably right but I want to keep trying. I have made lots of mistakes in our marriage (No infideltity) but not nearly enough attention or closeness. I know if there is any chance to fix things it will mean a massive change to my behaviour and everything else but not sure how to start. We have 3 youngish children and I really don't want them to be too affected by this but I feel they are already affected by our bad relationship. Not sure what my question is and maybe I should be on a career/counselling/personal development website but hey.

jeaux90 Tue 17-Jan-17 10:32:54

Hey duck. No advice really but wanted to say you should perhaps post this in relationships. A lot more traffic on those threads.

xStefx Tue 17-Jan-17 10:36:59

Sorry about your position OP, that must be tough. Im no relationship expert but can see you want this to work. For the sake of your children I hope you manage to sort it out. When she says separate, does she mean as in the beginning of a divorce or does she mean to try to work on things?

DuckShoes Tue 17-Jan-17 11:08:32

Thnx jeaux, I've posted in the Relationships bit now, so will carry on there:

xSteph, I will carry on in the relationships but essentially she wants to split up and would have if it weren't for the finances (i.e. I earn most of the money).

pinkyredrose Tue 17-Jan-17 12:17:56

What mistakes have you made? Maybe the culmination of all these mistakes means she no longer wants to be with you, you may just have to accept it.

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