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'Reserved' not 'Firm' Date for Finances Final Hearing

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SunshineHQ Sat 14-Jan-17 13:00:16

We've been sent the date for our 2 day Finances Final Hearing, but the letter says it is a 'Reserve' slot only, and we will be told by 2.30pm the day before if it is confirmed.

Does anyone else have experience of this? All the preparation costs will have been incurred and I presume the Barrister costs will be non refundable at such a late stage.

If we do get cancelled at the last minute, we are promised a Firm booking the next time, but that will presumably be a further delay.

I'm in the South East if that makes any difference.

MrsBertBibby Sat 14-Jan-17 13:37:29

Yes, it's very common, and yes, it's really crap for those who don't get heard, because of the wasted expense. But the courts are no longer run to seeve court users, they are run to raise revenue.

Your solicitor should be able to negotiate something with counsel's clerk, so it's not too painful if the case before you goes ahead, but it will cost you.

It's crap for everyone.

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