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Getting a plan

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Rarerabbit Sun 08-Jan-17 12:13:39

He left me for OW last week. It's only been going on a month, but he is really happy and thinks he loves her. We hadn't been fully happy all the time, but who isn't like that. Still came as massive shock.
Currently I am self employed not earning lots and haven't had a career since having kids.
In short term I have rang tax credits to help me. That should take a few weeks to come through.
At moment it's really amicable (aware this may change with OW on scene & once he gets advice)
He says he will sign house over to me and take no financial demand on it. Can he do this or will a judge or someone else tell him no? I am trying to see if I can get a self employed remortgage but may not be possible.
The other option is for me to get a job to try to secure mortgage. Issue with this is will it affect our financial settlement?
He came into marriage with tons of debt and now is on a debt management plan. In the early days I massively bailed him out with thousands of pounds. The house deposit was all mine and certainly until he got a job for 1st time last year my money was greater than his.
He is at the moment agreeing he will pay around £500 towards us a month too.
I am being ultra reasonable with the kids and letting him have them when he wants and at home too.
Just not sure what next steps to do. He is expecting me to "blow up" and get revenge (as I was an angry person) but I am not and that is perplexing him. I just want to protect myself.
Any help will be greatly received.

Ilovecaindingle Sun 08-Jan-17 12:15:46

See a solicitor for legal advice - before he does.

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