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parental responsibility

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Asaroe91 Tue 03-Jan-17 22:53:20

So I have been living apart from my husband since May 2016 and officially separated since August 2016. We have two children together a 17 months old and an 18 week old. Ever since our eldest was born I have had to do 99% of everything (quite literally) when it comes to the baby. We were both new at parenthood but I felt like I was the only one making effort to change, feed, cloth, shop for, care for, and whatever else for the baby. I always got the excuses like I don't know what to do or I have things to do. It is one of the reasons I left him. And the same again with our second child even if we were living apart at the time of birth I did 100% of the work even when he came to visit. My issue is at the present moment is with child contact and responsibilities etc. He has several times refused to return our eldest after a weekend stay and once drove off with him after kicking me in my legs. The police were not able to do anything because of "equal parental responsibilities" even if it does effect the children's psychological well being. Ever since the last incident I have had a strong need to fight against this "equal parental responsibilities" for those parents whether it be a mother or a father who takes almost all the responsibilities of their children by themselves, like me. Its not very fair that the unsupportive parents still get to have equal parental responsibilties even when they do not physical do anything. I have looked it up what it means to have parental responsibilities and it also involves safeguarding the children and looking after them, looking after their wellbeing and all that. I do this 100% by myself. I have no input from my kids father at all. And when I do, it is always about him and never the kids. I know what some people are going to say is that I should get some orders in place, which I am in the process of getting sorted but for those parents out there who take full responsibility of their children while their other half avoids it, I feel they need that kind of reassurance that whatever happens, parental responsibility should automatically fall in the main carers hands. Am I the only one who feels strongly about this?

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