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Should I be asking for support?

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rememberthetime Thu 08-Dec-16 12:58:59

I am recently separated from my husband. My daughter lives with me and he has out son. our son is nearly 18 and pretty much self sufficient - just with occasional lifts here and there that my husband takes care of. he comes to me about once a week for a meal and I take him out for lunch sometimes.
My daughter refuses to see her dad. So everything that she does I take care of. Including 2 events each week that she needs propping off an picking up from. Plus i feed her 7 days a week, take her out often and take care of all her emotional and physical needs.He has never taken her out on his own in the 2 months since we moved out.
We share the costs of clothes, school trips and extras for both kids.
My question is - should i ask him to contribute more? I am suffering in terms of my time, petrol and my social life because i have to look after her needs 24/7. he never sees her.
I admit he wants to see her, but she refuses. he is not taking any steps to fix their relationship and thinks she will get over it eventually. I think she won't.
I don't want to be solely responsible for her. i love her to bits and she is part of the reason I left. But he needs to be a parent...

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GreenGoblin0 Sat 10-Dec-16 13:09:24

how old is your daughter? are you both working? when is your son 18 and is he still in education?

rememberthetime Sat 10-Dec-16 22:15:59

My son is 18 in around 6 months and finishes college next year. Our daughter is 14.
We both work, but I earn about half what he does. We are both self employed and my earnings are improving, but slowly.
I qualify for tax and child tax credits, but he doesn't.

Thank you

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