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How do I get a solicitor?

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Dee1477 Mon 05-Dec-16 06:43:04

Hi I've been separated from my stbxh for 3 months, we are still in the family home as he won't move out and I'm struggling to get benefits as I'm on the mortgage. I have been a sahm, he has filed for divorce for my unreasonable behaviour, he listed that he's had a snip, I'm not supportive and stuff making me out to be the bad one.
I have rung a solicitor and I can't get legal aid as I'm not on anti depressants and I haven't reported any violence to the police.
How I'm a supposed to represent myself when I am financially dependent on him, the solicitor I spoke with said the cost would be £165 per hour.
Sorry for rambling x

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Stella08 Mon 05-Dec-16 17:21:30

Hi. I left my ex last year and managed to find a solicitor who agreed to let me set up a payment plan of £150 a month so costs didn't spiral. I'm the one seeking a divorce so it's my solicitor sending letters (that get ignored angry) and costing me money but it's the best thing I did. Ring round and see if any of them will let you do that.

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