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Financial statement - what to include? How to calculate?

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LewisAH16 Thu 24-Nov-16 04:02:10

At second mediation session, which is so hard seeing as me and my ex have not dealt with any emotional stuff from his (ongoing?) affair and i can hardly bear to look at his lying face. Anyway, have been given an 'expenses now' form and will do a 'future expenses' form down the line. Daughters are 8 & 6 (tomorrow!) and although I can make a fair guess at the 'now' how on earth do you work out what will be needed monthly for the next 10-15 years?? Think finance is the area i will see real true colours of ex as he has been spending a fortune on suits and 'cash' that i've only recently discovered as he was in charge of his wages and no joint bank account. Any advice welcome. Also after what the cps would calculate can i 'claim' any more from him or is that all he legally needs to give and the rest is goodwill on his part??

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