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AIBU to try and catch out my husband?

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LadyNorth Sun 06-Nov-16 09:53:20

I recently found out my husband slept with another women three times. He has apologised, attended counselling, and made massive changes that leads time to think he regrets and is remorseful. AIBU to try and catch him out my texting him from another phone pretending to be the other woman?

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Violetskies123 Sun 06-Nov-16 11:51:19

If you really think he has changed it would be unreasonable to do that. It sounds like you are still sketchy, how long ago did it happen.

misscph1973 Sun 06-Nov-16 12:19:39

I understand your urge, but it is a sign that you have not forgiven him. Not that I would insist that you should forgive him, but it is not a healthy sign if you are intending to stay with him. You need to decide with yourself if you can forgive him and move on, not try to set traps for him. If you keep feeling the need to set him up, then it's time to think about splitting up.

sorryIam Sun 06-Nov-16 12:22:01

You don't need a excuse to kick his sorry arse out. You cant forgive him an that I enough, please don't torture your self.

LadyNorth Sun 06-Nov-16 12:44:23

It happened 6 months ago. I just need to be sure that he won't do it again and then I can reinvest in a man I've been with for 22 years. I've found you're comments very helpful.

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PotteringAlong Sun 06-Nov-16 12:47:22

If you're not sure already then I think your marriage is over tbh...

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