Waiting time for Consent order at Bury st Edmunds

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Timeforprosecco Wed 02-Nov-16 18:03:50


We had our final mediation session today and we have agreed on the finances! I am so relieved as at one point it felt like we will never come to an agreement!

Once the consent order has been drawn up and signed it will go to Bury St Edmunds.
Has anyone had their consent order there recently? How long did it take to come back? I have heard that they have a big backlog and we might have to possibly wait two or three months?! confused

LewisAH16 Mon 07-Nov-16 04:32:32

Wow, well done for getting this far! Am just at the beginning of the process having just had initial finance form to fill out (not Form E). We have 2 x kids and a house to sort out. Worried he will make process v hard esp when realises his standard of living is going to change (and be closer to ours!!) Any tips for getting through it. Already dreading Xmas and how we'll sort that out...

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