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What the hell has my pension got to do with my partners financial settlement in his divorce? !

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glamourousgranny42 Mon 24-Oct-16 17:29:03

My partners divorce has been granted and they are now sorting the finances. He has disclosed all his assets and my rough income - which is v low.

Me and my son moved in to partners house but I kept my house and recently rented it out. This is all I have for me and my children. I have worked to keep us and have been a single parent without any maintenance for a number of years. My house is my safety net. So his ex has told her solicitor about my house and they want to know rental details and equity. Also want to know about my pension!
Bearing in mind she is sitting in a house which my partner paid off. My partner has a huge mortgage on his new house but is not asking her to split 50/50. He is being totally upfront and generous.
Legally do I have to disclose my assets as part of his financial settlement?

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BoneyBackJefferson Mon 24-Oct-16 18:09:53

See if you can get an appointment with the CAB/your solicitor.

But as far as I am aware your finances are your own and have nothing to do with him or his divorce.

MrsBertBibby Mon 24-Oct-16 19:02:32

You don't have to disclose anything unless ordered to by a judge, at a hearing, at which you are entitled to be represented.

Your income etc is of relevance to his divorce to the extent that you are able to contribute to your shared household expenses, and hence his ability to pay maintenance to her. Unless however he has disclosed an intention to get married, I suspect a court would not order you to disclose your pension information. Fnkly, even if you were going to marry, I don't think a court would be interested, unless you are near retirement age.

glamourousgranny42 Mon 24-Oct-16 19:50:54

Thanks for your replies. We are a good 15 years off retirement.
I am happy to disclose my income. I'm not happy to contribute to keeping someone who is clearly out to squeeze someone dry.

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MrsBertBibby Mon 24-Oct-16 19:57:38

You won't be asked to contribute, it's just that if you had a monster income, but your chap was saying he had to pay 100% of your household costs, and therefore couldn't pay her anything, the court could work on the basis that you should pay your fair share of your household expense, thereby freeing your chap's income a bit.

Sounds like your chap needs to fight his corner a bit more, though.

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