Conflicting advice re mediation, fees and solicitors where to start?

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LewisAH16 Wed 12-Oct-16 12:49:20

Been thrown into this as am sure many of you have. Husband is out after a prolonged sexting and possible physical affair. He is stiill in denial while I'm left trying to sort his sh*t out. Two kids and we own the house together. Have arranged mediation MIAM as I really want to get financial and child arrangement in place. CAB said i may be eligible for legal aid (i work part time) but when i rang a local solicitor they said legal aid only exists for DV or child safety cases. Does anyone know if that is true and if so of any solicitors who are reaonable, give initial free meeting and nearby (BR3 Bromley/Penge). Am scared that i will be fair prey to any official body (Mediation already costing £144 for MIAM when CAB said approx £30). I may be in a 'good position' in terms of the final position I'll be in (as friends keep saying) but I don't want to take that chance when i don't know if my ex will continue to be reasonable wheb he realise a) i can't afford this to be drawn out in legal fees b) he controls the main finances. I don't understand child maintenance vs spousal maintenance despite websites and how much he will be legally liable for or will depend on his 'generosity'. He is going to start looking for a flat to rent and then it will hit how skint he will be and could turn v difficult. Any advice welcome. I'm so confused by lots of different bodies and sources of advice that conflict and this has all happened in the last week so am overwhelmed with what is priority, what needs sorting out and dealing with the children who are beginning to realise this is not a short term problem.

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